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Question   You were a Military Police Officer?!?
So...the common tie builds strength. Smile. Great photographs!!

Glad you shared them with all of us.

K-9 SSG Daybell

- Jeremiah Daybell May 29, 2012

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Question   Magical
The pictures are awesome, not to mention how the presentations are set perfect.

- Sandy Trujillo May 26, 2012

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Question   Some Old Friends
Nice website. Nice seeing some of the Old CVPD guys I knew and worked with at times while I was with the SDPD (33 years 1967-2000. Ikeepintouch with Ron Post, who was in my academy, 7-7-67 and wondewred what Hal King is doing these days.
Ron King
Motors & Detectives

- Ron King May 06, 2011

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Question   Bob's Photo
I was so thrilled to see your great photo of Bob on your site. Had not looked for quite awile. Thank You, he would have got a big kick out of it. I of course think it was awesome

- Jerinel Kullberg May 19, 2010

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Question   Your Site
Hi Bill. This is a great site and you did a wonderful job. It was good seeing some of my old buddies again. It's been far too long. This site brought back many wonderful memories of some truly great guys. Thanx!

- Gwen Cannon April 25, 2010

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Question   CVPD 2010 photos
Excellent as usual Bill. How come Trevino never looks any older?

- Lesle Bundy March 25, 2010

  Answer Because Danny so damn cute, and cute ages well.

- WILLIAM L. SIMPSON  March 25, 2010

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Question   CVPD Photos
Nicely done Uncle Bill. Faded memories came rushing back. Thank you.

- Doug Traubel August 26, 2009

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Question   Photo ID

As usual you have done a stellar job! I would, however, like to see names w/each photo. It would make it all fit together for me.

Love Ya Like A Brother,

Best always,

Bobby D

- Bobby De Santo April 09, 2009

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Question   Great Site
Bill excellent site full of some really great photos. Glad I got a chance to see all of them!

- Stephen Jones March 16, 2009

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Question   Great Site Bill
Thanks for sharing your photos with all of us. Seeing the "Old" guys brought back memories.

-  March 15, 2009

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- Lia Lia  April 24, 2013

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Question   Greetings
Nice site Bill, I really enjoyed the pictures of CVPD back in the day. Time sure flies...I remember when WE were the young turks. Thanks for sharing with us.

- Iluminado Delgado February 21, 2009

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Question   The Site
Very interesting site. Thanks.

- Robert Shasta October 08, 2008

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Question   Comment
Very nice site. Congrats.

- Tom Basinski July 16, 2008

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Question   Becker's Party
Great job Bill, I expected nothing less

- Carlos Miranda April 13, 2008

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Question   Great Photos
Bill this site is wonderful. I so appreciate seeing old CVPD and your great photos. Drummedge

- Diana Drummey April 06, 2008

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Question   Shakespeare Photos
I didn't know you were into the crime/detective novel thing. I took a class last summer specifically on detective novels and stories (Harlow, Shakespeare, hardboil detectives, etc). I should have asked for your critiques on my papers.

-  March 05, 2008

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Question   Your site
Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-  January 17, 2008

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Question   You
Sue sent me this link. I really enjoyed the photos of us old timers and am impressed with the quality of your web site. Good Job.

-  January 15, 2008

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Question   Congratulations!
Congratulations on your new photography website! Thank you for sharing your pictures with the world. Outstanding!

-  January 05, 2008

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