I started my law enforcement career as a hall guard in second grade at Midway Elementary School in San Diego. Later I became a military policeman in the United States Army. I was an enlisted man, and later I went to Infantry Officers Candidate School. After completion of OCS, I received my commission in the military police, and then became airborne and ranger qualified. I served in Germany, United States, and Viet Nam.

Immediately after the army, I joined the Chula Vista Police Department, and retired from there after twenty-eight years. I spent half my time in patrol and the other half in detectives.

As a detective I worked:
 Juvenile crimes
 Adult sex crimes
 Child molest
 Child neglect
 Child abuse
 Burglary
 Fraud/Forgery.

I also worked as a Field Evidence Officer out of the crime laboratory; in that capacity I collected evidence at major crime scenes, including diagramming and photography.
Also in that capacity I attended a number of autopsies for evidence collection and photography. I was able to obtain experience in crime scene photography and crime scene investigation in patrol, detectives, and as a Field Evidence Officer.

My degrees are:
 MA in Education from Chapman College
 BA in Criminal Justice from Chapman College
 AS in Photography from Southwestern Community College
 AS in Criminology from SWC
 AA in Social Studies from San Diego City College.

I have taught the following classes at National University:
 Crime Scene Photography
 Crime Scene Investigation

I have taught the following classes at Southwestern Community College:
 Written Communications
 Introduction to Criminal Justice
 Ethics
 Community Relations
 Investigations
 Principles and Procedures of the Criminal Justice System

I have also work in the following areas:
 licensed private investigator
 security for Del Mar Turf Club
Now I am retired and take care of the wife.